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What is Project Education 2.0?

Project Education 2.0 is a 501C3 nonprofit aimed at addressing day school tuition affordability. Project Education was founded in 2011. In 2021, the infrastructure of Project Education was turned over to a new team with a new idea, and a new chapter of the organization was formed.

What Challenge are we Addressing?

Low-income families sending their children to day school in Brooklyn receive support from their school, through substantial tuition assistance, and from various community institutions, through financial aid. High-income families are able to afford their children’s tuition without assistance.  However, middle-income families are caught in the vise of earning too much for traditional assistance while having to make significant sacrifices to pay for their children’s Jewish education. Given the high cost of living and high cost of living Jewishly (school, camp, synagogue), we estimate that families in this range are struggling, yet they are not eligible for tuition assistance. Project Education 2.0 is focused on these middle-income families. 

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